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We have a new editor for Short North this year (2004). Unfortunately this means that some issues are not fully available in electronic form yet. Be assured that the club is still alive and kicking and that members continue to receive an illustrated paper newsletter regularly. If you are not a member then please drop in and see us on any running or working day.

May 2005

From December 2005 publication of Short North was suspended by order of the then secretary, however a printed information bulletin for members only was available from him. Following a change of secretary, production of Short North has resumed. From April 2010 it will appear on this site, this time in pdf format so we can see it all in colour, even better than the printed version. Thanks Sam.

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From November 2010 until February 2015 publication of Short North ceased for want of another volunteer editor. Now Bec has kindly accepted the position. Thanks Bec.

February 2015

From September 2015 Ian Svenson is now editing and producing our newsletter.

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January 2016

Why "Short North"? Because that was the name given by the former NSWGR to operations between Sydney and Newcastle. After electrification to Gosford steam continued in use between there and Broadmeadows and Newcastle until 1972. Our club grounds are just across Narara creek from the main line about a mile past the former end of the overhead wires.

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Central Coast Steam Model Co-op. Ltd. - Club Track: Lot 10 Showground Road, (opposite Bellbowrie St) Narara, NSW - Running Days: 1st Saturday of Every Month from 1100 hrs (anyone expecting to ride the trains must wear proper shoes) - All correspondence to: The Secretary, PO Box 692, GOSFORD, NSW, 2250